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About Bitsolives and BuxCoins

Bitsolive is jointly owned by Phyllis Lopez and Hadwin Castro who both have a background in working with financial institutions in Mexico & Spain. We in Bitsolive utilizes the expertise of a third party trading system development company who are specialists in providing equity trading solutions, high volume Transaction processing and automated trading systems for financial markets. Our team members are IT professionals in areas such as software development, network security, automated payment processing and blockchain integration. We also have expertise with cloud based services , web security & Trading Specialist. And for Miners our unique HPM-750 Technology Services in Europe, North America and Asia.

We are a company that was created not only because of interest into crypto currencies, especially Bitcoin. Our goal is to provide innovative solutions for crypto currency exchange users. We started by creating safe, intuitive platform that enabled fast transactions. Moreover we gave an opportunity to exchange more than just Bitcoin. Second crypto currency we introduced was Litecoin and then Ether and Many Other Altcoins.


Bitsolives’ Strategic Investment Partner

One of the UK’s most successful and dynamic company.

Bull Infotech started in 2014 with an idea to be the first to provide multiple FinTech solution to the financial institution across UK and Europe.

During this time the company started developing Crypto for the first time on the most tradable platform – MT4 to offer trading environment to clients who wish to trade.

Today, Bull Infotech has developed an array of products which were long awaited on MT4 like Indian equity pegged with Crypto, Indexes of developing countries pegged with crypto and major currencies with crypto.

We are also integrating different Crypto exchange within MT4 to help client take a more clear view of the market.

Through MT4 client can connect directly to the coin wallet to push money during margin calls. Bull Infotech have developed a Unique MT4 Bridge and Liquidity Gateway’s that give traders the ability to control their risk by deciding which trades should be A-Booked and which should be B-Booked.

We have recently developed a broad range of complementary tools to help traders to understand their exposure and set up alerts to mitigate risk for Crypto products. Tools such as the Bull Infotech RiskDB, Margin Caller and Quote Checker will give comfort to first time Crypto trader to manage their risk more effectively.

Presentation- https://bitsolives.com/plugins/downloads/bitsolives-presentation-v5.pdf

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